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4-zone stereo volume control

The SVC4 is a unique multiple stereo volume control. It gives you the possibility to adjust (or switch off) the volume in 4 different zones. SVC4 can be used with a standard HiFi amplifier.

In case you only want to adjust 2 zones, you can use traditional 8 Ohm loudspeakers. If you want to adjust the volume in 3 to 4 zones, you have to use 16 Ohm loudspeakers. You may use 2 loudspeakers per zone.

The SVC4 uses internal resistors. In this way you can adjust (or switch off) the volume in one zone, without influencing the volume in the other zones.

Built-in in a compact black metal housing, such is very durable due to the step-by-step volumes.

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stereo/mono Stereo impedance 2-zones 8 ohms
impedance 4-zones 16 ohms max. power 4 x (2 x 40) watts
applicable 100V No applicable low impedance Yes
steps 6 + on/off switch 24 volt priority relais No
connector type Terminal 20-pole max. cable 2.5 mm²
width 210 mm height 46 mm
depth 185 mm weight 1100 gr
Net weight product (kg) 1,15    
No accessories
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