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Jan 2008
Apart presents the PM1122 pre-amplifier

Belgian professional audio brand Apart introduces the PM1122, a cutting edge pre-amplifier that unites features previously found exclusively on very expensive all-in-one units, or spread over a whole range of separate pre-amplifiers.

“The PM1122 opens new horizons in pre-amplifier application “explains Kris Vermuyten – Operational, Sales & Marketing Director at Audioprof. “Imagine a church with 5 microphones that need a noisegate, a supermarket with 10 checkout lines, or a boardroom with two stereo zones.  Until now, the integrator’s options for those situations were limited: use a very expensive all-in-one model, or spend long hours comparing technical sheets. Until now: the PM1122 offers all the features in one affordable unit. For the end user, it represents a substantial bonus in cost of ownership too!”

The PM1122 is a high grade manufactured and produced pre-amplifier. It offers a 4-level priority system with emergency input. It has a volume-adjustable chime, and all controls are equipped with clear LED’s for an easy overview. It is possible to connect 5 mic/line inputs with phantom power each. Each signal is assignable to one or both output zones through a dipswitch selector on the front of the unit. Every input has individual tone, gain and volume control. The 5th mic/line input can be linked to or from another PM1122.

On the output side, the user will find a 2-zone section. Both zones have a selector that makes it possible to switch between 4 line inputs. There is a music level and mic mix level, and a bass and treble control per zone.
The PM1122 has multiple remote options:
- The PM1122R is an analogue wall control. It has music level and micro mix level control and a line input selector.
- The PM1122RL :  an analogue  wall control with local input. This control has the same functions as the PM1122R but also has an XLR microphone input and a balanced line input with volume and tone control (mini jack).
Both wired wall controls can be connected with the pre-amplifier through UTP CAT5 cable.

Besides, this pre-amplifier can also be controlled via a PC- application. The optional PM1122INT remote interface is connected to the pre-amplifier with a standard UTP CAT5 cable per output zone, and to the PC with an RS-232 connection. PC software is included.

Even a wireless remote connection is a possibility ! A wireless wall controller can be fixed just where the user wants it. It offers source selection, mic volume, and music volume control. The PM1122W is available in white and silver. This wall controller connects with the PM1122INT interface through the PM1122R, an optional wireless antenna that can be plugged into this interface.

Thanks to all these possibilities, the PM1122 is an extremely versatile pre-amplifier that can be used in almost every imaginable situation.

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