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Sep 2011
Apart becomes 100th loudspeaker manufacturer to offer EASE data

Berlin-based AFMG (Ahnert Feistel Media Group) reached an important milestone recently when Belgian manufacturer Apart Audio became the 100th pro audio company to enter its loudspeakers into the EASE database. ”We’re very proud to have reached this level of participation,” said Stefan Feistel, AFMG’s Managing Director. “EASE has become an industry standard not only because of its advanced and accurate calculation engine, but because designers can simulate and evaluate a wide range of products. With its emphasis on meeting the full range of customer requirements through continual R&D efforts, Apart is the perfect company to become the 100th member of the EASE community.”

For Apart, the major investment in EASE data measurement is an opportunity to win additional projects. Kris Vermuyten, Sales and Marketing Director for Apart, declared “Unlike most of our competitors, we committed the cost and effort required to publish EASE GLL data for our entire loudspeaker range. We’re happy to do this, because one of our prime missions is to create a partnership with our distributors and installers. EASE adds value for them as an efficient and convincing way to document the sales case for end customers and decision makers.”

Stefan Feistel gave a presentation on EASE to more than eighty Apart sales partners at the company’s recent Distributor Meeting in Antwerp. After an overview of EASE, the talk went into more detail on acoustical simulation, raytracing, loudspeaker and sound system evaluation, as well as auralization. “Our distributors were overwhelmed by the power of EASE, and excited about the possibilities that our investment in a complete set of EASE loudspeaker data has created for them, “said Apart’s Product Release Manager Wim Corten.

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