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Mar 2013
OVO3: Loved for its price and sound quality
The OVO3T is one of the most popular models of the Apart OVO-series. This series is loved for its price and sound quality and because of their elegant design these loudspeakers fit into every interior.

However we noticed that all other OVO models carry a 100 volt version and a low impedance version. Except for OVO3T, this 3 inch loudspeaker is only suited for 100 volt or 16 ohms systems. So we created OVO3, an 8 ohms impedance version of the OVO3T. This newcomer in the OVO Series can be used in more residential places and into smaller retail-stores, restaurants…

The OVO3 uses a bracket system that allows you to position the loudspeaker in a variety of different angles. In case you want to install the OVO3 on a flat surface, this can easily be done with the supplied pad.

Of course we don’t want to forget to mention that OVO3 is a small but perfect loudspeaker that likes to be used in combination with a subwoofer like the Apart SUBLIME. A combination OVO3/SUBLIME is a solution that will be almost unnoticeable as the SUBLIME subwoofer is extremely compact which allows you to hide it behind a closet or curtain.

Jan 2013
Apart Audio introduces the PMR4000R

The new Apart PMR4000R makes your life easy! The integrated FM RDS Tuner, internet radio, UPnP and USB media player allows you to select your favorite music sources.
The PMR4000R searches for UPnP-servers on your local network and connects to them. Because of this special feature you can easily play all files (MP3, WMA, FLAC, and WAV) which are located on your different network devices. The music saved on your computer hard disk drive, your NAS (Networked Attached Storage), your USB-stick, your laptop… the PMR4000R will find every music file in your local network.

Surfing on the internet you can browse to different internet radio stations. Once you have found your favorite internet radio channels, you can select and save them via the front menu of the PMR4000R. Next time you use the PMR4000R you can easily select one of your favorites with the included infrared remote control. 

Because the device features a menu guided setup and operation, the PMR4000R is every installer and user-friendly. When you work with our PMR4000R, you will certainly find this Apart device the perfect ‘All-In-One’ music source. Without mechanical parts inside, it will soon become your most reliable music source!

Technical features PMR4000R
• FM Radio, internet radio, USB-drive, UPnP
• Supported audio codes (MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, ID 3 tags support)
• Installer friendly and user-friendly
• Save favorite music presets via front menu or web portal
• Wired and Wi-Fi 2.4G Ethernet access
• Analog output with level control and optical digital output
• Infrared Remote Control included
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 484 (430) x 325 (300) x 44 mm

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