Private Pool - On-wall (80 m² - 120 m²)
Discrete humidity proof MASK6 cabinet loudspeakers are perfectly suited for installation in a private pool to deliver quality background music. For the sauna, the CMAR6 marine loudspeaker is ideal as this ceiling loudspeaker is resistant to temperatures up to 95°C. Individual volume control in the swimming pool, sauna and dressing is possible in this application.

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equipment list
(K) Cable 1.3m 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to 2x RCA female
(G) 1.5m XLR Female 3P to 2 RCA male/female
Sports & Leisure
  • Quality background music system

    Relaxing atmosphere

    Radio, CD and MP3 player

    Individual volume in swimming pool, sauna and dressing

    Moisture resistant and rust-free loudspeakers

    Discrete, elegant and trendy cabinet speakers

    Superb sound and efficiency in humid environments

    Loudspeaker in sauna resistant to temperatures up to 95°C

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