Swimming Pool - Built-in (800 m² - 1300 m²)
The moisture resistant MPLT62-G loudspeakers are ideal to be used in this swimming pool as they need to cover a long distance with both speech and music. In the other zones CM20T humidity proof ceiling speakers is the perfect choice. Different music in the swimming pool compared to the other zones is possible as well as individual paging and volume per zone.

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equipment list
(K) Cable 1.3m 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to 2x RCA female
Sports & Leisure
  • Sound system for paging and background music

    6 zones with different music in swimming pool compared to the other zones

    6 zones with individual paging and volume control per zone

    Music from radio/CD – MP3 from CD / USB-key or SD-card

    Moisture resistant and rust-free loudspeakers

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