Supermarket - On-wall (2200 m² - 3300 m²)
The SPH16 sphere loudspeakers in this supermarket are the ideal solution to provide background music and paging in supermarkets with high ceilings. The MICPAT-D paging microphone allows the cashier to inform the customers when one of the checkout counters is opening or closing. Apart’s MA247 has an integrated digital FM/AM tuner and a media player that allows playing MP3-songs from a USB-stick or SD-card. 

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equipment list
(K) Cable 1.3m 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to 2x RCA female
  • One system that can cover the entire building

    Background music and paging

    Individual paging and volume control per zone

    5 microphones: 1 in the office and 4 at the checkout counters

    Radio and MP3 from CD/USB-key or SD-card

    Speakers that fit a high open ceiling and provide good coverage

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