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Samjung Animal Park - Busan, South-Korea

In Busan (South-Korea), the Samjung Animal Park renewed the loudspeaker system for its 84.000 square meter park. In the outside areas of the park the weather resistant Apart MASK speakers were the perfect choice. A total of more than 500 MASK speakers (MASK4 & MASK6) were installed to deliver background music in the park. Together with the column speakers (COLS41), the Apart loudspeakers are also used for paging purposes and presentations of the zoo keepers during feeding sessions of the animals.

The CM20T two-way 6.5” loudspeaker is perfectly suited for places with background noise where a little more power is needed. With its modern and striking design, the CM20T loudspeakers fit perfectly in the interior of the restaurants and boutique of the animal park.

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