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horn loaded soundprojector, 100V, 30W, inox bracket
Football Stadium - Watford, United Kingdom
Sports & Leisure

In the Watford stadium plenty Apart music projectors (48 x MP16-G, 15 x MP26-G, 8 x MPBD20-G, 47 x MPH30-G and 10 x MPLT62-G) have been installed. These music projectors make sure that the stadium speaker can reach all people in the stadium for public announcements or in case of emergency.

The existing PA system at Watford Football Club’s 19,900-capacity Vicarage Road football ground was becoming unreliable and there was doubt as to whether it could provide a reasonable means of evacuating the public in an emergency. In compliance with the Green Guide and building regulations, an annual safety review of the audio system for life-safety was carried out by Watford FC and the UK Apart distributor. It was this review that established that this upgrade was needed.

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