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In-Flight Skydive center - Dubai, UAE
Sports & Leisure

In Dubai you can find the world's largest and tallest wind tunnel where you can experience the thrill of world-class skydiving without jumping from a plane! The installer has chosen Apart PA and background music systems for this impressive building. The Apart ZONE4 pre-amplifier controls four stereo zones with just one affordable unit. Music from the PC1000RMKII media player or the PR1000R radio tuner can be played in any of the 4 zones. Paging announcements can also be done from the MICPAT-4 paging station.

Furthermore the 5 meeting rooms of In-Flight Dubai are equipped with a PM7400MKII multi-functional stereo pre-amplifier in combination with the active SDQ5P cabinet speakers with a variety of sound possibilities. These loudspeakers stand for reliability, affordability, dynamic music and detailed voice reproduction.

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