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6.5" design two-way loudspeaker, white
K11 Shopping - Shanghai, China
K11 is a 61-floor skyscraper and shopping mall, completed in 2002, located near Huaihai Park in the former Luwan District of Shanghai. It is 278 meters high and was built by Bregman and Hamann Architects. It overlooks the People's Square across the Yan'an Elevated Road. Formerly called the Hong Kong New World Tower (Chinese: 香港新世界大厦), the building was reopened on May 28, 2013 as K11.

To improve the customer shopping experience, K11 needed a better sound system and opted for Apart in a 100V system with Apart's power amplifier REVAMP4240T. MASK6T loudspeakers are built in wall on ground floor, as well as ingeniously installed below the open suspending ceiling, to optimize the effects of sound reflection in the central walking areas. In the the closed ceilings, our distributor installed the CM20T.
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