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La Gaviotta Concept Store - Antwerp, Belgium

La Gaviotta is a Belgian clothing brand. The concept store is on the ground floor of an old warehouse in the upscale Antwerp ‘South’ neighborhood. The venue is multifunctional: flagship store - a place where the brand can show its shop concept to retailers, but it is also a shop with the complete collection on offer, open to the general public.

Further, the company uses the venue for parties, events and fashion shows. This requires a sound system that is able to take care of quality music on background- as well as party level. Hence, the Apart installer opted for the use of a CHAMP-3D power amplifier, MASK8 cabinet loudspeakers and SUB2400 subwoofers. The subwoofers were placed of out of sight behind the fitting stalls, while the MASK8 top speakers elegantly match the old-industrial charm of the converted warehouse.

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