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Marina del mar – Mechelinki, Poland
Sports & Leisure
The modern Marina Del Mar is located in Mechelinki an old fishermans village at the Polish seaside. In this elegant place you can find an indoor swimming pool, saunas, beauty salon, restaurant and terrace with a magnificent view. The complete project is controled by the Apart AUDIOCONTROL12.8 with DIWAC wall controls, enforced by the Apart REVAMP4240T amplifier. Several PMR4000MKII players were used to provide the necessary music content in every area. Various ROCK20 loudspeakers were used on the outside terrace. In the swimming pool & sauna areas multiple CMAR6T’s were used to withstand the fierce humid conditions. All other spaces are equiped with CM6QFT & CMRQ108 loudspeakers. This high-end installation meets all the expectations of the investor it is functional, easy-to-use, elegant, discreet and provides high quality sound.
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