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Newport Restaurant and Marina – Lübeck, Germany
Foodservice & Hospitality
In Lübeck, "The Newport - Restaurant & Marina" delights with excellent cuisine and spectacular views of the new marina and the historic old town. Loudspeakers from the MASKC series by Apart Audio, which are mounted on ClickMount brackets, provide a sound suitable for the venue. Inside the restaurant twelve MASK4C loudspeakers are used. The bar area has four MASK6C loudspeakers. Five Apart CM20T in-ceiling loudspeakers take over the sound in the corridor as well as in the sanitary areas. On the outer facade five mono-controlled MASK4C loudspeakers are mounted. All Apart loudspeakers are powered by the REVAMP4100 and REVAMP8250 Class-D amplifiers. The weatherproof MASKC loudspeakers have IP64 protection to withstand saltwater entering the port from the Baltic Sea.
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