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6.5" design two-way loudspeaker, white
Novum Restaurant - Ibiza, Spain

Novum Ibiza restaurant (Spain) takes fusion food one level beyond by bringing modern wok cuisine, creative sushi and gourmet treats of the highest quality in a stylish ambient lounge atmosphere. Before starting out into Ibiza´s nightlife, guests will find Novum to be an exciting, original and relaxing place where they can enjoy a drink, have a meal, or simply get together with friends and enjoy the music.

The cosy atmosphere is created by the combination of 14 MASK6T-W cabinet speakers and 7 ROCK20 inconspicious garden speakers that offer a combination of superior sound and great looks to match the exclusive design of the garden lounge. The loudspeakers are driven by 3 PA2240BP power amplifiers and one ZONE4 pre-amplifier with remote control options. 

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