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4.25" small design two-way loudspeaker, black
6.5" design two-way loudspeaker, black
Starbucks Coffee - Australia
Foodservice & Hospitality

Some people come here to drink coffee. Some come here to be alone with their thoughts or together with a best friend. To assist in setting the correct atmosphere Starbucks have developed a reputation for programming some great music in their establishments.

To deliver their music mix in the required “High Fidelity” format, Starbucks Australia have recently selected Apart loudspeakers and electronics. The Apart MASK series of loudspeakers provide high quality sound with warm tones and clear lyrics. The MASK6 and MASK4 loudspeakers are engineered to be installed inside or outside which means Starbucks customers will have incredible music wherever they choose to relax and enjoy their coffee. Apart amplifiers to suit each system - CONCEPT1, CHAMP-2 and CHAMP-4 amplifiers are selected.

Being able to provide quality sound at an affordable price was a key consideration for the Starbucks Store Development team and they were delighted at the performance price ratio of the Apart products.

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