Bungalow - Noida, India
Bungalow - Noida, India
The bungalow is located in NOIDA , National Capital Region, India. The Installation includes AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 for 8 zone music selection in the living room, bed rooms & terrace over DIWAC and Ipad. CM608 is used for background music in the bungalow and MASK6T is used for loud party music at terrace with SUBA165 as low extension powered by REVAMP1680 and CONCEP1T powered MASK6T x 2 Nos in study room for background music. MASK2 and SUBA165 used for 5.1 surround system in master bed room.

AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 enables music over 4 AM/FM stations and PC1000RMKII selected over DIWAC and iPad.

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