Outdoor Shopping Street (6000 m2 - 7000 m2)
Shopping is a national pastime in many countries and the demands of shoppers to be relaxed and comfortable is always high. In the same way, a shopper is relaxed and happy is more likely to spend their hard earned money in the retail outlets. MPBD20 bi-directional music projectors allow coverage of the large walkways and horn speakers in the parking area allow background music to be heard everywhere. The combination of MICPAT-2 and PREZONE2 allow for voice announcement to also be made on a zone selective basis.
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equipment list
(F) Cable 1.5m RCA to RCA
  • Dispersed background music from radio, CD or MP3 player

    Selective zone paging (street and outdoor) with clear intelligibility

    No music in parking area

    Volume control per zone

    Weatherproof speakers

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