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0-1 Chuangke Café - Shenzhen, China
Foodservice & Hospitality
Located in a business park of Shenzhen, the most innovative city of China, 0-1 Chuangke Café appeals to white collar workers and young entrepreneurs. Its first floor includes a large dining area and four private rooms. 9 Apart CM20T, 2 MASK4T, 1 MASK12, 2 MASK6T, 1 MASK8F, 2 SDQ5PIR loudspeakers and 2 SUB2201 subwoofers are employed for background music playback in 5 divided zones. Two AUDIOCONTROL12.8 sets are chosen for multi zone audio management. In the second floor where the employees work, 4 CM20T are used to provide a pleasant working environment. For convenient control, 4 Apart E-VOL40 volume controllers and 2 Apart DIWAC panels are installed in the café.
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