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Set in the southern-most tip of Gibraltar, ‘Bistro Point’ is located in a prime location within the new ‘University of Gibraltar’ Campus. Offering Breath taking views across the Atlas Mountains in Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and towards the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar offers amazing views where people and nature combine at the cross-roads of two continents. ‘Bistro Point’ offers an exquisite culinary experience with innovative gourmet dishes and unrivalled first-class service. The venue offers fine-dining together with presentation/event-based audio-visual facilities. The restaurant is divided into three separate zones to ensure the right level of audio is always present. The equipment used includes an Apart Revamp 4240T amplifier, Apart Zone4 pre amplifier with Zone4R remote control panels, Apart PCR3000R multi music source unit and 16 x MASK 6CT speakers. The audio provided is subtle high-quality background music, with enough headroom to pump up the volume for parties.
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