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De Oude Brouwerij – Hoevenen, Belgium
Foodservice & Hospitality
The doors of the former “Schuttershof” opened again, the old parish centre converted into a brand new concept venue “The Old Brewery” or “De Oude Brouwerij” in Flemish. Decades ago, each village in Belgium had its own brewery, in this region these breweries date back to the days when life was simple. Therefore the complete concept revolves around the circle of life. People can come here for a baby shower, birthday party, family, corporate and wedding celebrations, or even for coffee after a funeral. In short, the important moments in life. To offer this authentic experience the venue is divided into three zones in different styles. The former café comes in Parisian style called "Hope" installed with six MASK6T-BL loudspeakers. The second and upstairs area is called “The Brew” installed with six MASK6T-W loudspeakers. Both areas are powered with Apart REVAMP2250 amplifiers. The main hall is transformed into the “Beer Factory” a large hall with a beer tank for up to 1000L, in this area four MASK8 and six MASK12 loudspeakers were used enforced by three REVAMP2600 amplifiers.  To enhance performance at low frequencies two subwoofers Apart SUB2400 were added.
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